Beauty Favourites


Today I want to show you two products I have discovered this past month, which are now two of my all time favourite products! Both products are also great for traveling which is why I just needed to write about them.

The first product is the Eau de Beauté Monoï Body Splash by De Bruyère. This body spray smells amazing! It has a flowery, exotic and fresh scent, which is perfect for summer time as it reminds me of Hawaii and the tropics. I just can’t get enough of this scent – it’s literally irresistible!

What I also love about it: the size! I have been looking for a small-packaged body spray for so so long! But now I have finally come across this little thing. It’s only 50ml which is perfect to take it with me when I’m on the plane.

You can’t get it on De Bruyère’s website anymore (I guess it’s a limited edition), but there are some people who sell it on sharing websites like Kleiderkreisel for much cheaper than the original price (€ 16). However, I’m really hoping they will bring it back next summer because the smell is just incredible.


The second product is the Banana Setting Powder by bellàpierre Cosmetics. I was looking for a good powder for a long time now, so when I found this I was veeery excited to try it out since I have read really good feedback about it.. So I tried it and instantly loved it! It’s perfect if you have shinier skin, like me in summer. Also, it lasts the whole day and works great as a base for highlighter.

The powder costs € 25. It is a bit on the pricier side, but it does a great job so for me it is worth the money!


Have you tried one of these products? If so, what do you think?