Taking Risks


Ach Chris, hoffentlich schlägt er mal vor, dass wir uns treffen, das wäre so cool! 😍

Du kannst ihn ja auch fragen 😄🙌

Würde ich gerne machen, aber es nervt, wenn er manchmal Tage braucht, um zurückzuschreiben… Da weiß ich nie woran ich bin

Aber wenn du ihm schreibst und ihn fragst, ob ihr etwas gemeinsam unternehmen wollt, weißt du ja durch seine Antwort voran du bist, oder? Dann musst du dir keine Gedanken mehr machen

Hmmm du kennst mich ich habe nicht genug Mut für so etwas :/

Nachdem eine meiner Freundinnen mir von ihrem neuen Instagram-Crush berichtet hat, den sie gerne treffen würde, aber nicht die Erste sein wollte, die nach einem Date fragt, wusste ich nicht wie ich ihr weiterhelfen konnte. Und es warf auch so einige Fragen in mir auf:

Würde ich denn selbst bei meinem Crush den ersten Schritt wagen?

Heißt es, nur weil jemand ein paar Tage nicht schreibt, dass er oder sie automatisch kein Interesse hat?

Warum haben Menschen so eine große Angst vor Zurückweisung?

Angst davor, einen Korb zu bekommen hat ja wirklich jeder. Viele verpassen riesengroße Chancen (in allen Bereichen des Lebens), weil sie so so große Angst haben zu versagen.

Und ich bin ja selber nicht besser: Den Typ, in den ich verknallt bin (aber so richtig, ohne ihn überhaupt wirklich zu kennen), den könnte ich mit allem Mut nicht fragen, ob wir mal etwas unternehmen wolen. Ich konnte ihm nach einer Zeit nicht mal antworten, weil ich mich selber so awkward gefühlt habe, und nicht gut genug. Und das obwohl ich sonst absolut keine Probleme habe irgendwelche fremden Menschen anzusprechen!! Und warum das Ganze? Weil ich Angst habe, er könnte mir sagen, er interessiert sich nicht für mich und die ganzen Szenarien, die ich in meinem Kopf erfunden habe, werden nie so in Echt passieren.

Aber ganz ehrlich – wurden wir denn nicht alle bereits zurückgewiesen? Was ist das Schlimmste, das passieren kann? Er sagt „Nein“, und dann? Dann nichts, weil ich ihn ziemlich sicher nie wieder so begegnen werde. Und dasselbe mit meiner Freundin: Wenn sie abgewiesen werden würde, würde sie ihm sowieso nie wieder begegnen, sie hat ihn ja auch in der Realität nie getroffen! Die Chance, dass das passiert, ist da noch 100000000 mal höher, wenn sie ihn selbst nach einem Date fragen würde!

Also warum nicht einfach riskieren? 

Besser riskieren und Fehler machen, als sich am Ende zu bereuen, es nicht wenigstens versucht zu haben. Und sich dann zu fragen „Was wäre, wenn…“.

Mut. Das ist das, wovon wir alle ein bisschen mehr brauchen.

Chris xx

Ohh Chris, I hope he will ask me to meet up with him, that would be amazing! 😍

You could also ask him out 😄🙌

I would love to, but it annoys me that he doesn’t write back regularily… That way I’m not sure how he feels about me

But if you would ask him out, you will be able to tell by his answer if he likes you or not? Then you wouldn’t have to be unsure about it

Hmmm you know me, I am not brave enough for things like this :/

After a friend of mine told me about her latest Instagram-Crush, but didn’t want to be the first one to make a move and ask him out, I didn’t know how I could help her. And it brought up some questions in me:

Would I make the first move with my crush?

Does not writing someone back instantly equals that they aren’t interested?

Why do people fear rejection so much?

Everybody is familiar with the fear of being rejected. Many of us miss ot on huge opportunities (in every aspect of life) because they are so so afraid of failing.

And I am not better myself: I could never start to text the guy I have a crush on (I mean a huuuge crush, and I don’t even really know him). I couldn’t even reply his messages, because I felt so awkward about everything I wrote. And why? Because I was afraid that he wouldn’t like me back.

But let’s be honest – haven’t we all been rejected once? What is the worst thing that could happen? He could say „No“ and then? Then nothing, because I will probably never see him again. And same thing goes for my friend: If he would reject her then she wouldn’t even meet him!! So it cannot be awkward. However the chance that she could meet him will increase 100000 times if she wuld ask him for a date!

So why not just risk it?

It’s better to take risks and make mistakes and fail than not risking anything and regretting it afterwards while asking yourself „What would have happened if…?“

Bravery. That’s what we all need a little bit more of.

Chris xx

The little things

My friend Magdalena took these two pictures in Halifax (here is her photography page). At the moment, I am reeeally missing Halifax & the people there. I especially miss the independence and freedom that I have felt there. Here at home, nothing seems as if it has changed, but I feel like I have changed so much – it doesn’t quite fit at the moment I guess. However, this post shouldn’t be about what I miss about Halifax – it should evoke happy feelings!

People (myself included) tend to oversee the little things that we should all be grateful for. In 2018, I will try to be more thankful for the small details that I took for granted until now… So here is a list:

The feeling of sunshine on salty skin. Beaches. Eating porridge for dinner. Sweet meals. Clean sheets. Cute cafés. Love & saying I love you to someone. Music that instantly gets you. New friends who feel like you have known them forever. Flowers. Showers.

French. Laughing with the right people. Change. Sunrises & early mornings. Jumping on trampolines. Ice skating in winter. Mountains & lakes. Maps. People who radiate positivity. 3 a.m. conversations. (Shooting) Stars & looking at them.

Rooms with big windows. Sam Smith songs. Car drives while it’s raining.

Taking chances. Taking risks. Green tea. Almonds. Being able to see colours. Being able to run. The moon & how large it looks sometimes. Lying on your bedroom floor while thinking about life. Overwhelming feelings. Daydreaming. Trying new recipes.

Independency. All the times when the sky looks infinite. 90s hits. Driving with the windows down & sticking your hand out to feel the air. Naps. Summer nights. Letters.

Hot chocolate. Taking time for self-care. Bad years (because then you appreciate the good ones that follow). Dancing. Summer rain. When it starts to smell like spring.

This post inspired me to write this.

I hope you also feel a little inspired now.

Much love, Christine

Positivity Quotes


How to stop time: kiss.

How to travel in time: read.

How to escape time: music.

How to feel time: write.

How to release time: breathe.

– Source

It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.


You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.


If they say „it’s impossible“, remember that it’s impossible for them not for you.


Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be amitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living.


I’m coming for everything they said I couldn’t have.

Words of Success

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.

Hp Lyrikz


How your thoughts create your reality


What you think, you attract. What you speak, you create. – @dulceruby (instagram)

I am an optimist. And, I am a big believer that the right, positive mindset, as well as hard work can get you anywhere you want to be. I have already seen it so many times in my own life: As soon as I started to change my negative thoughts into positive ones, I started to see my life more positive, and suddenly so many great things happened and came into my life.

Let’s wind back 4-5 years.. I would say 2012/13 were my greatest low points so far. I have never felt as lonely as back then. I was binge eating unhealthy things every day. I spent days not leaving my bed, without talking to anyone, simply watching hours and hours of TV shows. I gained a lot of weight and felt super uncomfortable in my own skin. I hated myself and my body.

But then everything changed with one book: Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr – a book about the power of thoughts for young women. I remember reading it in one go and realizing that I need to stop living like this and finally start doing something with my life!

I started to literally change my thoughts.. Everytime I recognized that I was thinking negatively (about anything) or that I started comparing myself to others, I would rephrase that thought into a positive one. At first, it took me a while to get into this kind of thinking, but I didn’t give up & after a while it became routine, and I started thinking positively without effort and without even noticing it.

As soon as my thought became positive and I became the optimistic person again that I was before, so many great things came into my life: I finally found real friends who are even my best friends now, I lost 15kg weight, I started eating healthy, I became vegetarian, I got very good in school and I regained my ambitions and started to follow my dreams again!

Since then I am 100 per cent sure that thinking positively leads to a positive life, and that your thoughts attract what happens to you. Negative thoughts will attract negativity. Positive thoughts will attract positivity. Like attracts like.

That is also the reason, why the quote above means so much to me.. If you always think or speak negatively about yourself or even others, negative things will happen. However, focusing on the good things about yourself, others and life & being grateful for what you have, that’s the key to real happiness.

I hope that I could inspire at least one of you to make the most out of life and to think positive & be more optimistic!

I hope you all have a great day.

Love, Christine