Beauty Review

Hey lovely people!

So I wanted to start this weeks posting off with a short update about my life, and also about what’s to come for this blog in the next few weeks. Lastly, I will also tell you about my favourite beauty product this month, the NYX lip creams. But more on that later…

So, what’s new?

In the last life update, I told you that I will move to Hamburg to work in an advertising agency. That day has finally come!! I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my life and cannot wait to tell you the details later this month. I am finally able to start my own life independently from my parents, which feels amazing.

New friends, new adventures, new goals.

I am so ready to meet new, inspiring people and experience new things in life. To quote Helen Keller „Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all.“ That’s exactly how I aspire to live this life.

The past years have been about self care for me. In 2018, I finally feel like I have found myself and the person that I want to be. I can say now that I am truly myself and do what I want and not what other people want me to. I know that right in this moment I am on the right path, and that feels great! I really needed this kind of happiness and fulfillment.

The future of this blog

This blog is a space to inspire, motivate and spread positivity into this world. ❤ I want to spread kindness and good vibes.

I also want to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of my readers! I am eternally grateful for every new person on this blog, as I see that this blog grows more and more each week. You are amazing and so so inspiring!

My plans for the next weeks is to focus on health (also because of some of my own health issues the past weeks). Some postings will also be featured in German or German AND English, as want to target my local audience as well.

Now, up to my favourite product this month…

This is a beauty review about the make-up brand NYX and their lip product "soft matte lip cream" in the shades Budapest and London. The author is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Austria. Dieser Beitrag ist eine Rezension der Kosmetik Marke NYX und deren Lippenprodukt "Soft Matte Lip Cream" in den Farbtönen Budapest und London. Die Autorin ist eine Beauty und Lifestyle Bloggerin aus Österreich.

Get more information on the lip creams & NYX here!

Want to read my thoughts on the NYX brow mascara? Click here.

You can find my other beauty related postings here.

Disclaimer: This post contains unpaid product placement.

Okay, that’s it for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you have any suggestions to what you want to read here on this blog, feel free to leave a comment or message me on IG (@christineziv).

As for me, I am now on a plane on my way to Hamburg.

Much love




Beauty Favourites x Update

Today, I will show you some of the things that I have loved using & doing throughout February. First, I will write about my beauty-related favourites and in the end, you can read more about lifestyle-related things that I’ve loved this month.



Catrice Matt Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is perfect for everyday make-up! I mostly use the second colour from the left at the bottom row – I feel like that colour looks really natural on me and also suits my skin tone. What I also really like about this palette is that all of the colours are matt – it’s so hard to find an eyeshadow palette without glittery eyeshadows!


Catrice Prime & Fine

This powder is great if your skin tends to get shiny throughout the day. I bought it at the beginning of the month just to try it, and now I use it every single day, because it has helped so much to mattify my skin. Veeery useful!


NYX Eyebrow Mascara

If you need an eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows in place, this tinted brow mascara will do the work! It does a great job and isn’t as expensive as other eyebrow gels – it only costs about 10€.


Hand Creams

In winter, my hands get super super dry – it actually hurts everytime I need to wash my hands or stretch my fingers! The hand creams you see in the picture above have really helped to reduce the dry-ness. Especially the one by The Body Shop has saved my hands throughout extra cold New York days.


Schwarzkopf got2be Dry Shampoo

Normally, I only use baby powder if I don’t have time to wash my hair but I got this dry shampoo in a goodie bag last weekend, and it works so so well!! I am really impressed! Especially because the scent is really okay and fresh – normally, the scent of dry shampoo gives me a headache! Also, it doesn’t leave any white spots in my hair, so I will probably start buying this product after this little bottle gets empty 🙂



Now on to the lifestyle-related favourites: I started doing ballett again this month! I used to dance when I was about 8 years old and I also did jazz dance for 4 years as a teenager. I am not quite sure why I stopped, because I absolutely love dancing – it’s one of my biggest passions!

So now I am starting with the basics again. It’s quite hard and a bit frustrating because I have to re-learn everything again, and also – I am reeeeally not good! Haha But it’s so much fun, I enjoy it a lot and I already look forward to my next ballet class. I want to keep practicing and work hard, so I will get better and better each week! 🙂

Rupi Kaur Poems

I don’t read poems that often, but I recently discovered Rupi Kaur and her book Milk and Honey and I am so in love! Here are some of my favourite poems of hers which I found on Pinterest:





I loved the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, and I am also a huge fan of Dua Lipa at the moment – I would love to see her live and meet her in person! I am also going to the Chainsmokers concert in Haus am Kaibling on March 2nd, which I am really excited for.

You can find some of my favourite songs this month in this Spotify playlist.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites this month.

Much love, Chris


Beauty February 2018


Today I will show you some of my recent beauty favourites. Personally, I love reading the recommendations of other people, so I thought it would be fun to do and also helpful to some of you.

Let’s get started…

IMG_2382-01J’aime my… Shampoo Shine & Highlight Blond Sublime – Franck Provost Paris

When I died my hair I needed a good hair care product specifically for blonde hair. This one is without silicones, so it doesn’t damage my hair as much as other products. I used to suffer from hair loss (mostly because of hormones) and using shampoos without silicones really helped me! The product works really great for my hair, so if you need something (not that expensive) for your coloured hair, I would recommend that you give this brand a try.

Gliss Kur Hair Repair – Schwarzkopf

This product is simply amazing. I use this for over a year now and it works great! You spray it into your towel-dry hair and then brush your hair afterwards. Firstly, you can brush your hair super easily which is perfect for me because my hair always gets knots after I wash it – this was such a struggle for me before a friend recommended this product to me! Moreover, my hair gets super soft and shiny when I use this product!! I simply love it..

IMG_2386-01Perfume „Oriental“ – Zara

I randomly found this perfume in the Zara Sale and I had to try it because I love oriental and sweet smells. The perfume is really cheap (4,95€ I believe) and it smells really nice. I love to wear it as an everyday-scent.

Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist – Victoria’s Secret

This must be one of my favourite smells of all time. If I had to choose one scent for the rest of my life it would be this one! It’s so sweet and nice, and if you spray the mist on your body after using a vanilla-scented body lotion it’s even more amazing! I basically do this every day because it smells so good, I am obsessed haha

IMG_2391-01Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara – Catrice

My lashes are quite short and straight, so it’s hard to find a good mascara to really bring out the best in them. This one works really well for my lashes and makes them look much longer than they actually are.

Fit me! Concealer – Maybelline New York

I am using this concealer for years now, and it has never disappointed me. I always re-buy it because it’s just the best concealer for my skin. No other concealer that I have tried has such good coverage.

Hemp Heavy-Duty Lip Care – The Body Shop

This lip balm is super moisterizing and is honestly the best lip balm I have tried so far! If you tend to get dry lips as I do in winter, try this! It works really really well.

That’s about it for today. Did you try any of these? Write me what you think!

Until next time,


Beauty Favourites


Today I want to show you two products I have discovered this past month, which are now two of my all time favourite products! Both products are also great for traveling which is why I just needed to write about them.

The first product is the Eau de Beauté Monoï Body Splash by De Bruyère. This body spray smells amazing! It has a flowery, exotic and fresh scent, which is perfect for summer time as it reminds me of Hawaii and the tropics. I just can’t get enough of this scent – it’s literally irresistible!

What I also love about it: the size! I have been looking for a small-packaged body spray for so so long! But now I have finally come across this little thing. It’s only 50ml which is perfect to take it with me when I’m on the plane.

You can’t get it on De Bruyère’s website anymore (I guess it’s a limited edition), but there are some people who sell it on sharing websites like Kleiderkreisel for much cheaper than the original price (€ 16). However, I’m really hoping they will bring it back next summer because the smell is just incredible.


The second product is the Banana Setting Powder by bellàpierre Cosmetics. I was looking for a good powder for a long time now, so when I found this I was veeery excited to try it out since I have read really good feedback about it.. So I tried it and instantly loved it! It’s perfect if you have shinier skin, like me in summer. Also, it lasts the whole day and works great as a base for highlighter.

The powder costs € 25. It is a bit on the pricier side, but it does a great job so for me it is worth the money!


Have you tried one of these products? If so, what do you think?