Rooftops, Memories & What If’s

hhhooftops, memories & what if’s.

I fall in love with things quite easily. Be it people, buildings, places, clothes, etc. Every month, week and day I find new things I obsess about, new things that excite me.

This week, I want to share some of those things, since I also love to see and read what other people are using and loving.

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L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius.

This product changed my morning routine completely and made me more confident, when it comes to my skin care. It hydrates so well, my skin feels fresh the whole day (!) after I use it, and as a plus it gives me a nice glow.

It costs € 9,99, which is a great price for a good skin care product.






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… are honestly so much fun.

Simple as that.

Every good party should have one. Everytime I see one, my friends will have to take a photo with me – no buts.









Rooftop bars.

A good outfit. A big city. Lots of people and you on a rooftop. What else could I want from a night out?

I took this photo in Berlin at the club House of Weekend. Our agency hosted their summer party there. The view was stunning. So many lights. So many good memories.





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Therapeutic fasting.

Atm I am very interested in fasting. My flatmate Anneke knows a lot about nutrition and has lend me this book about fasting.

It’s so interesting how many misconceptions I’ve had about food and what a priority it has become in my mind and my life. And also, how addicted I have become to artificial food and sugar.

Anneke and I will probably do a fasting cure together, let’s see how it will go.



2018-09-16 09892110778..jpg


Red lips.

Autumn equals orange leaves, cozy rainy movie days and red lips to me. Some of the best things in life.

I am thrilled to wear more red lipsticks again, now that the weather has turned colder. My friend Lea gave me this liquid lipstick for my birthday. I already wore it out on a party, and just love the shade. I’m obsessed!





What If’s.

I always have “what if” day dreams. Like what if I lived in Vienna and like another life comes to mind.

A girl I have met wrote this to me today and I thought it was really beautiful. I love daydreaming and imagining all kinds of scenarios, especially while sitting on the train or walking and listening to music. I feel really inspired when thinking about „What If“ scenarios, which is why I had to put this idea in this blog post.

What are your favourite things this month? What do you love and obsess about at the moment? Tell me, I’m very curious 🤓

Muchos amor, Chris