Dating Ideas & Second Dates

So, do you have anything special planned for tonight?

I was thinking you could come to my place and we can cook something, how does that sound?

Second date at his home? Or is it too soon for that?

I don’t think that it is too soon, I actually think it is a really nice idea. Cooking something together in a comfortable atmosphere – that is one of the nicest date ideas! However, when I told my friends about this plan nearly everyone said to me something like „Oh really, you are already going to his place?“

What do people usually do on second dates? I feel like the problem with this second date was that him and I literally covered everything you could do on a „typical“ afterwork date the first time round: we had something to eat, took a walk along the lake, got drinks and talked for hours. The next thing was that we had limited time. As I have mentioned, we could only meet up after work (around 7 p.m.). Also, none of us really had time on the weekends after.

So what would you have done? Would you have cancelled because you didn’t want to go to his place yet? Or would you have invited him over instead? What do you think about second dates at home? Do you think it is too soon?

Moreover, second dates can be so awkward sometimes. Both of you know you want more than friendship, but you are not that close enough yet to kiss each other, or touch. It is still the getting-to-know-each-other-phase even though you are super attracted to this other person.

However, maybe I only feel like that because I haven’t been on a second date in what feels like forever! It must be over a year – and that actually didn’t really feel like dating to me (it was more like a friendship to me looking back at it).

What are your favourite activities to do on first and second dates? Do you also feel weird sometimes while you are still getting to now them? What are your thoughts on these topics?

Much love,



Hast du schon etwas geplant für heute oder möchtest du spontan entscheiden?

Ich dachte wir könnten bei mir zusammen kochen, wie findest du die Idee?

Zweites Date bei ihm zuhause: Gute Idee oder zu früh?

Ich persönlich finde es nicht zu früh. Eigentlich ist es eine echt gute Idee: in einer gemütlichen Atmosphäre  lecker kochen – eine der schönsten Date Ideen! Als ich meinen FreundInnen von diesem Plan erzählt habe, waren die meisten aber etwas geschockt und haben Dinge gesagt wie „Ach echt, du besuchst ihn jetzt schon bei sich zuhause?“

Was unternimmt man denn normalerweise bei zweiten Treffen? Das Problem bei diesem Date war, dass er und ich alles „Typische“ schon beim ersten Date unternommen hatten: wir waren essen, beim See spazieren, danach noch etwas trinken und haben stundenlang geredet. Dazu kam, dass wir beide bei der Zeit nicht so flexibel waren. Wir haben das Treffen nach der Arbeit (gegen 19 Uhr) geplant und an den darauffolgenden Wochenenden hatten wir beide nicht wirklich Zeit.

Was hättest du in dieser Situation gemacht? Das Date einfach mal abgesagt / verschoben? Oder wärst du zu ihm nachhause gefahren oder hättest ihn zu dir eingeladen? Was denkst du über zweite Dates bei ihm zuhause? Findest du, dass das zu früh ist?

Zudem können zweite Dates manchmal richtig komisch werden. Ihr beide wollt offensichtlich etwas voneinander, aber ihr geht noch nicht so offen und direkt damit um, dass ihr euch küssen würdet oder berührt. Ihr seid immer noch in dieser Kennenlernphase, obwohl ihr euch gegenseitig anziehend findet.

Vielleicht finde ich zweite Dates auch nur so weird, weil ich  seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit keines hatte. Sicher schon seit einem Jahr, und das letzte Mal als ich mich das zweite Mal mit jemandem getroffen habe, war es auch eher freundschaftlich für mich.

Was sind eure Ideen für erste und zweite Dates? Findet ihr manche Situationen auch so komisch? Was ist eure Meinung zu diesen Themen?

Bis zum nächsten Mal,


Recipe: Banana Oatmeal

Getting back on track. We’ve all tried this at some point. Especially when you are travelling, moving or working full-time it can be difficult to eat healthy. Today I want to show you the ingredients of my go-to morning porridge. It’s healthy, gives you energy and is easy to make.

Due to health issues with my stomach I try to eat foods that are easily digestible. In the mornings I mostly eat porridge which makes me feel really good afterwards (if I don’t eat too much of it of course). I researched a bit and found out that warm foods are often  easier to digest, which seems true for me – my stomach mostly hurts when I eat raw or cold foods. So porridge is a good morning option.

The ingredients

40g oatmeal

5g linseed

1/2 banana (small chunks)

100ml almond milk


50ml water

For the topping:

5 almonds (chopped)

10g honey or agave syrup

The recipe

Slowly cook the ingredients together. Afterwards add the ingredients for the topping: the almonds and the honey. Sometimes I like to add coconut flakes or switch the banana for blueberries.

What I also love to do is drink green tea or mint tea. That’s the perfect breakfast for me.

What do you like to eat in the mornings? Do you eat the same thing every day like me or switch it up? Do you prefer sweet or savory? I’m team sweet all the way!

Much love,


(Also I am very sorry for not posting last weekend, I was visiting a friend in Berlin, and this weekend I have spent a whole day at the Baltic Sea. Working full-time is harder than I thought, I feel tired most of the time and don’t have much energy to create new postings. But I will surely try my best!! 🙂 )

Wieder in Form kommen und einen gesünderen Lifestyle leben. Haben wir das nicht alle schon versucht? Besonders bei Reisen, bei Umzügen und auch wenn du Vollzeit arbeitest kann gesunde Ernährung schwerer sein als gedacht. Heute möchte ich dir mein Lieblings-Haferbrei-Rezept vorstellen. Es ist gesund, versorgt dich mit reichlich Energie für den Vormittag und ist schnell zuzubereiten.

Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen versuche ich stets Mahlzeiten zu kochen, die leicht zu verdauen sind. Morgens ist das meistens das Porridge nach diesem Rezept. Danach fühle ich mich immer gut, leicht und energiegeladen (solange ich nicht zu viel davon esse versteht sich haha). Ich habe ein bisschen herumrecherchiert und herausgefunden, dass warmes Essen oft leichter zu verdauen ist, was definitiv bei mir der Fall ist. Mein Magen meistens erst dann weh, wenn ich kalte, rohe (und harte) Lebensmittel esse. Also ist Haferbrei eine gute Option für meinen Körper.

Die Zutaten

40g Haferflocken

5g Leinsamen

1/2 Banane (kleine Stücke)

100ml Mandelmilch


50ml Wasser

Für das Topping:

5 Mandeln (gehackt)

10g Honig oder Agavendicksaft

Das Rezept

Einfach alle Zutaten langsam auf niedriger Stufe kochen. Danach das Topping darauf und voila – schon ist es fertig! Manchmal streue ich auch Kokosraspeln darauf oder nehme statt der Banane gefrorene Blaubeeren.

Ich liebe es zudem noch grüen Tee oder Minztee in der Früh zu trinken. Das ist dann das perfekte Frühstück für mich.

Was isst du gerne in der Früh? Isst du jeden Tag dasselbe wie ich oder isst du lieber jeden Tag etwas anderes? Und magst du lieber ein süßes Frühstück oder etwas pikanteres? Ich bin Team süßes Frühstück all the way!

Ganz viel liebe,


(Tut mir außerdem leid, dass letzte Woche kein Posting kam. Ich war in Berlin und dieses Wochenende noch an der Ostsee – neben Vollzeit-Praktikum bleibt da leider nicht mehr viel Zeit für anderes. Die Arbeit und wahrscheinlich auch noch der Umzug und das ganze Reisen machen super müde, aber ich gebe mein bestes! 🙂 )

Style: Fashion x Life Lessons

Hellooo everyone!

It’s exactly one week know that I live in Hamburg, and I have to say that I have already learned a lot. Not only concerning my social media internship, but also things about other people and life in general.

I want to share those things with you because I believe they are really important. Furthermore, I want to show you my favourite pieces from the NA-KD sale they have at the moment, just keep on reading!

Life Lessons

Here is what I have realised so far:

  • Human connection. You connect with people when there are no emotional barriers between the two of you. Both of you don’t feel embarrassed and can talk about anything and just be themselves 100%.
  • Being vulnerable and open allows you to connect to people.
  • You can do anything if you work hard for it. One example: my friend Mel worked hard for 1 whole year at a radio station. She did speech training and worked hard for it. And last week she was ON AIR for THE FIRST TIME! Work hard and you will achieve anything. Always be the most hardworking person in the room.
  • Your gut will tell you if you are on your right path. What belongs in your life will come naturally and will feel effortless. That’s how I feel about living here in Hamburg. I was here last summer for two days and I felt so bound to this place instantly. It’s so crazy, I can’t even really explain why it feels that way to be here. When I was in Hamburg last summer, we walked past the agency I work in now and I don’t know why, but I stopped for a moment and said „It would be really cool if I worked there.“ So when I was in Canada I applied just for fun and now I am here! Life is really strange sometimes but also so fascinating. I truly believe we can never go wrong with what we are doing if we trust in our gut feeling.
  • Everybody, and I mean everybody, wants to feel important. It is one of the most basic instincts and needs of human beings. Use this information wisely.

I hope all of these lessons help you as much as they helped me!

Fashion Picks 

Now on to my five favourite things of the NA-KD sale…

Disclaimer: This product placement is unpaid.



Price: 13,48 €


Black Jumper


Price: 15,28 €


Green Jumper


Price: 22,47€


Pink top


Price: 8,38 €


Blue Blouse


Price: 14,47 €


Which one of those looks is your favourite? And what is your biggest and most valuable life lesson so far?

Much love,


Beauty Review

Hey lovely people!

So I wanted to start this weeks posting off with a short update about my life, and also about what’s to come for this blog in the next few weeks. Lastly, I will also tell you about my favourite beauty product this month, the NYX lip creams. But more on that later…

So, what’s new?

In the last life update, I told you that I will move to Hamburg to work in an advertising agency. That day has finally come!! I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my life and cannot wait to tell you the details later this month. I am finally able to start my own life independently from my parents, which feels amazing.

New friends, new adventures, new goals.

I am so ready to meet new, inspiring people and experience new things in life. To quote Helen Keller „Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all.“ That’s exactly how I aspire to live this life.

The past years have been about self care for me. In 2018, I finally feel like I have found myself and the person that I want to be. I can say now that I am truly myself and do what I want and not what other people want me to. I know that right in this moment I am on the right path, and that feels great! I really needed this kind of happiness and fulfillment.

The future of this blog

This blog is a space to inspire, motivate and spread positivity into this world. ❤ I want to spread kindness and good vibes.

I also want to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of my readers! I am eternally grateful for every new person on this blog, as I see that this blog grows more and more each week. You are amazing and so so inspiring!

My plans for the next weeks is to focus on health (also because of some of my own health issues the past weeks). Some postings will also be featured in German or German AND English, as want to target my local audience as well.

Now, up to my favourite product this month…

This is a beauty review about the make-up brand NYX and their lip product "soft matte lip cream" in the shades Budapest and London. The author is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Austria. Dieser Beitrag ist eine Rezension der Kosmetik Marke NYX und deren Lippenprodukt "Soft Matte Lip Cream" in den Farbtönen Budapest und London. Die Autorin ist eine Beauty und Lifestyle Bloggerin aus Österreich.

Get more information on the lip creams & NYX here!

Want to read my thoughts on the NYX brow mascara? Click here.

You can find my other beauty related postings here.

Disclaimer: This post contains unpaid product placement.

Okay, that’s it for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you have any suggestions to what you want to read here on this blog, feel free to leave a comment or message me on IG (@christineziv).

As for me, I am now on a plane on my way to Hamburg.

Much love