Style: April Inspiration x Update


Today I want to update you on some exciting things & I want to show you some of my favourite Pinterest style inspirations for spring! Let’s start with the life updates:

Moving to Hamburg

Yes, you read that correctly! I will move to Hamburg for a few months in the second half of this year. I will do an internship in an advertising agency and I am beyond excited to go there and explore the city. I fell in love with Hamburg when I was there the past summer, so I’ve applied to some agencies there, and luckily one of them wants me as an intern! 🙂 Let’s see what this experience will hold for me

Bella Roma, here we come!

Last week, my friend Anna and I spontaneously booked a flight to Rome this June. I love Italy so so much, and I already missed it a lot which is why I was really happy when she showed me the Urlaubsguru offer she found.. We just had to book straight away! I’ve been to Rome twice already, but I will take every chance I get to go back.

Every time I fall in love with a place, I leave part of my heart there. Maybe that’s why I tend to always come back there after some time.

Getting back on track

I have finally (!!) started to work out regularly again – and it has never been so much fun. Working out is the perfect „Me-Time“ for me, it gets my stress and frustrations out and has such a positive and meditating effect for my mind. Especially now that the weather gets warmer each day, I really enjoy being active.

My March favourites 

Movie: The Greatest Showman

Podcast: Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amoruso

Shop: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

IG account: @everyoutfitofsatc – you can thank me later for this one

April Outfit Inspirations

Here are some of my favourite styles for spring. Disclaimer: I found all of the images on Pinterest. Hopefully, the pictures will inspire you as well xx


Much love and happy Easter in advance,



Recipe: Home-Made Granola

granola header.jpg

Last week, I tried to make granola myself for the very first time and it was so easy and so delicious that I will show you how I did it in this post!

What you will need
  • Oats (I also used quinoa pops)
  • Seeds: you can use any seeds you want (I used chia seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds)
  • Dried fruit: cranberries, raisins, dates, etc.
  • Nuts
  • Spices: Cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa powder
  • Sweetener: Honey, agave syrup, etc.

For your home-made granola you can literally mix everything you want together. You could also cut some apples or bananas in slices, you can throw some chocolate chips into the mix… The ingredients are totally up to you and your preferences.

What to do
  1. Preheat the oven (150°C).
  2. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Put the mix on a sheet.
  4. Put the sheet in the oven and let it bake for about 20-30 minutes.
  5. Take it out and let it cool down.
  6. Enjoy!

It’s incredibly easy to do, doesn’ttake much time and your kitchen will smell amazing afterwards.

Try it out, it’s not only healthy because it doesn’t have the extra sugars and oils like the granola you get at the grocery store, plus it’s based on your favourite ingredients. Trust me, you will love this after trying it for the first time!

Much love, Chris


Style: Asos Haul Review

Asos haul (2)Last week, I didn’t feel like myself. That sounds quite dramatic, but I just didn’t really know who I was or what kind of person I want to be (kind of like a short identity crisis), and I also felt as if all of my clothes just didn’t represent me anymore. I opened up my closet and I couldn’t find anything to wear. Normally, it’s not like that at all – I used to look into my closet and instantly feel inspired!

So, I knew something was wrong.  I don’t quite know why I am feeling that strange these past days… maybe it’s the fact that I gained some weight or maybe because I just changed as a person?

Anyway, I instantly decided that I need to change something! So I went online and did quite the Asos shop haha – clothes always lift my mood!

Some of the things that I ordered were amazing (I kept most of them), but some of them weren’t at all. Maybe this little review helps some of you or gives you new outfit ideas 🙂



Beige Sweater

I am absolutely loving this purchase. I used to look for a pullover like this but never really found one that had a nice cut. This one however is perfect, and super cozy! I will probably live in it the next few days haha

Size: I got a European 36 – I ordered it a bit bigger than usual so it would be longer on me.

Price: 14,49€ (used to be nearly 30€ so it’s a great bargain!)



Wool Scarf

I ordered this scarf quite randomly, but I am loving the colour with my blond-brunette hair, so I just need to keep it know! It adds a bit of colour to my wardrobe, which is great for slightly colder spring days.

Size: one-sized

Price: 16,99€



Ripped Skinny Jeans

When I tried these on, I fell in love. They fit perfectly and I feel 100% like myself in them. I love everything about them – that they are high-waisted, that they are black and the rips at the knees. Also they are not too long on me, even though I am quite petite. Jeans-shopping is always really hard when you are short – I never find fitting pants in stores, I always need to get them online!

Size: W24 L30

Price: 41,99€



Disco Leggings

When I was about 16 or 17 I looked for pants like this everywhere, but I could never find a good pair! I first heard the term „disco pants“ when I watched one of Zoella’s videos and I fell in love – I just needed to get them. Now, yeeears later, I finally found a pair of disco leggings! They are quite thin, but I am really happy with the material and again, with the length. I am already excited to find different ways how I can style them.

Size: 34

Price: 25,99€



Rose-Gold Sneakers

When I saw these rose-gold sneakers on Asos I needed to order them. I think they look super cool, and I love the fact that they have a bit of a plateau (if you call it like that). Sadly, I was a bit disappointed when I tried them on. The size is great, but when you walk in them, they feel super heavy on your feet and you can’t really walk properly. I looked ridiculous when I tried to walk in them haha

I assume it’s because of the heel, but anyway – I will send them back!

Size: 36

Price: 38,99€



T-Shirt Dress

As you can clearly tell from the picture above, I have sent this one back as well! Honestly, this dress just looks like a nightdress on me.. I guess I am too short to wear something like this hahaha

Size: 34

Price: 20,99€



Turtleneck Shirt

This turtleneck shirt fit perfectly! However, I didn’t feel like it was quite my style – that’s the only reason I have sent it back. Other than that it looked great.

Size: 34

Price: 12,99€

That was my little online-shopping review! I definitely feel much more like myself now, especially with some of the new clothes that I got.

Do you ever feel a bit strange in your body? If so, what do you do to help yourself get out of that feeling?

Love, Christine

3 lessons for February


Today, I want to share three lessons with you that I have learned in February. I don’t want to go too much into detail, I will just put my thoughts out there and maybe it will make you think a bit about yourself too.

You should wear how you feel, it’s a way to describe and express yourself. This also made me wonder a lot about myself and what kind of person I want to be.

When you start to not give a f*** and just focus on what you really want to do, life becomes so much easier.

Just give. Don’t think about what you will get back. Simply give. But don’t let others use you and your helpfulness.

By the way, I wish you all a happy women’s day! I have so many wonderful women and girls in my life who inspire and motivate me each and every day, and I am incredibly grateful for them! Show the people in your life how much you appreciate them – but not only on days like this, everytime you think about it!

Spread love, Christine