Style: Asos Haul Review

Asos haul (2)Last week, I didn’t feel like myself. That sounds quite dramatic, but I just didn’t really know who I was or what kind of person I want to be (kind of like a short identity crisis), and I also felt as if all of my clothes just didn’t represent me anymore. I opened up my closet and I couldn’t find anything to wear. Normally, it’s not like that at all – I used to look into my closet and instantly feel inspired!

So, I knew something was wrong.  I don’t quite know why I am feeling that strange these past days… maybe it’s the fact that I gained some weight or maybe because I just changed as a person?

Anyway, I instantly decided that I need to change something! So I went online and did quite the Asos shop haha – clothes always lift my mood!

Some of the things that I ordered were amazing (I kept most of them), but some of them weren’t at all. Maybe this little review helps some of you or gives you new outfit ideas 🙂



Beige Sweater

I am absolutely loving this purchase. I used to look for a pullover like this but never really found one that had a nice cut. This one however is perfect, and super cozy! I will probably live in it the next few days haha

Size: I got a European 36 – I ordered it a bit bigger than usual so it would be longer on me.

Price: 14,49€ (used to be nearly 30€ so it’s a great bargain!)



Wool Scarf

I ordered this scarf quite randomly, but I am loving the colour with my blond-brunette hair, so I just need to keep it know! It adds a bit of colour to my wardrobe, which is great for slightly colder spring days.

Size: one-sized

Price: 16,99€



Ripped Skinny Jeans

When I tried these on, I fell in love. They fit perfectly and I feel 100% like myself in them. I love everything about them – that they are high-waisted, that they are black and the rips at the knees. Also they are not too long on me, even though I am quite petite. Jeans-shopping is always really hard when you are short – I never find fitting pants in stores, I always need to get them online!

Size: W24 L30

Price: 41,99€



Disco Leggings

When I was about 16 or 17 I looked for pants like this everywhere, but I could never find a good pair! I first heard the term „disco pants“ when I watched one of Zoella’s videos and I fell in love – I just needed to get them. Now, yeeears later, I finally found a pair of disco leggings! They are quite thin, but I am really happy with the material and again, with the length. I am already excited to find different ways how I can style them.

Size: 34

Price: 25,99€



Rose-Gold Sneakers

When I saw these rose-gold sneakers on Asos I needed to order them. I think they look super cool, and I love the fact that they have a bit of a plateau (if you call it like that). Sadly, I was a bit disappointed when I tried them on. The size is great, but when you walk in them, they feel super heavy on your feet and you can’t really walk properly. I looked ridiculous when I tried to walk in them haha

I assume it’s because of the heel, but anyway – I will send them back!

Size: 36

Price: 38,99€



T-Shirt Dress

As you can clearly tell from the picture above, I have sent this one back as well! Honestly, this dress just looks like a nightdress on me.. I guess I am too short to wear something like this hahaha

Size: 34

Price: 20,99€



Turtleneck Shirt

This turtleneck shirt fit perfectly! However, I didn’t feel like it was quite my style – that’s the only reason I have sent it back. Other than that it looked great.

Size: 34

Price: 12,99€

That was my little online-shopping review! I definitely feel much more like myself now, especially with some of the new clothes that I got.

Do you ever feel a bit strange in your body? If so, what do you do to help yourself get out of that feeling?

Love, Christine

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  1. I completely agree with you – sometimes I’ll just feel completely unlike myself and won’t know what to wear or what to do. My best advice is to find something super comfortable and have a quick scroll/read/watch of something you love doing to try and lift your mood. Having a nice cosy jumper on or your favourite pair of jeans can really help me 💗

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